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As with painting, working with the body allows you to experience and heal your whole being in a deep way.


My work is mainly influenced by Tui Na and Jin Shin Jyutsu.


Tui Na is an ancient Chinese form of gently moving the body while holding acupressure points. It’s an active style. This technique helps to open up blocked areas and to harmonize and energize the body. We move with your breath. In this way I hold space for the body to use its natural intelligence for healing to take place.


Jin Shin Jyutsu originated in Japan and is influenced by Chinese Medicine, Taoism and Buddhism. I use both hands to apply receptive, gentle pressure to areas on the body to allow them to uncoil and let energy move freely. There is a deep listening between the client and myself. We tap into the elemental forces and greater energies for support and healing.


The session is performed with the client fully clothed. There will be suggestions for points and /or a sequence of points that the client can do on her/his own to continue the flow of energy.


This work can be beneficial for physical challenges like acute or chronic pain and injuries, autoimmune conditions, hormonal balancing and more. It can give emotional and spiritual support for example with grief and sadness, fears and anxiety or moving through any life changing events. It benefits daily balancing of stress and tension.

Cost per session



The private sessions are held either in San Francisco at the CCE painting studio in Glen Park or in Rockridge/Oakland in a quiet home surrounded by trees.


For homebound individuals at their last stage of life, in home sessions are available (East Bay only).


Please contact me for more information.

"I have gone to see many healers, but as soon as Claudia began to work on me I suddenly understood the word "healing" in a new way. Claudia is deeply intuitive; her touch feels somehow wise.  Sessions with her are incredibly restive and restorative.  But they are also something more.  I am not sure how best to describe it, but I seem to always have moments of sudden insight when Claudia works on me."

Fay Dillof, Therapist, Berkeley


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